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Final Decleration (English)

24. International Congress of the Union of Muslim Communities

24. International Congress of the Union of Muslim Communities

“Islamic World in the Grip of Imperialism”

29-30 November 2015 / İstanbul


Final Declaration

In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful

Economic and Social Research Center (ESAM) organized 24th International Congress of the Union of Muslim Communities in İstanbul at November 29-30, 2015. The congress was originally set forth by Marhum Prof. Necmettin Erbakan with the aim to establishing “Islamic Union”. This year’s theme was “Islamic World in the Grip of Imperialism”. 147 representatives from 59 countries attended to this year’s congress.

In this congress we discussed the formation of the current world order, current situation of the Islamic World, the global threats that it facing, the problems arousing due to these threats, common goals and solutions towards establishing “A New World” based on rightfulness and justice with congress participants that include politicians, scientists and intellectuals.

In this Congress, the sessions covered the “Current World Order” through political, economical, technological, media related, moral and social dimensions and proposed “Solutions and Suggestions”. In addition to these, main topics in the sessions include discussions on corruption of moral and social values in the Islamic World, encirclement and enslavement of the economic system, global security, occupations in the Islamic World in the grip of violence and conflict, plots, constant instability, international terror, disputes through ethnic and sectarian discrimination, how law and justice are being violated for Islam and Muslims. There were detailed discussions on fabricated fears, distortion Islamic concepts, media and social morals, advertisement and psychological slavery. These issues are necessary for whole humanity and we discussed priority measures to be taken against these issues. Below is our final declaration of evaluations and suggestions. It is highly recommended to translate these decisions into national and local languages.

Current World Order

The Global Threats against the Islamic World should be Prevented

We strongly condemn atrocious terror attacks conducted on Islamic World and elsewhere. The holy principles of Islam never approve of people who intend to kill innocent people to reach their personal goal.

Terror is a product of Western Civilization who prefers power over rightfulness. Western are produce both terror and the weapons that terrorists use. It does not go without notice that the role played by international terrorist organizations which are manufactured in imperialist laboratories. In that respect “The Great Middle East Project” is a re-run of hundred years old “Zionist Sykes-Picot Agreement”. Muslim leaders should be aware of this fact and take necessary step against it. Moreover, there have been attempts to form a new crusade against Islam.

Western fabricated “Islamophobia” and anti-Islamic attitudes that it triggers overshadow the World peace. Islamophobia spreads rancor and hatred; it is a crime against humanity. The insults against sacred values with Islam being the foremost victim are unacceptable. In this regard we need to encourage attempts of peace and solution. Moreover, the current attempts on creating an image of “Every Muslim is a potential terrorist” are never unacceptable. This view is a slender that fuels racism and hatred.

Islam is a religion of peace.

Muslim minorities throughout the World should have rights to protect and improve their religious, social and cultural presence.

The occupation of Palestine and inhuman practices performed in Masjid-i Aqsa are continuing with increasing persistence. Masjid-i Aqsa is a common and sacred value for all Muslims just like Masjid-i Haram and Masjid-i Nabawi. Jerusalem could never be thought of without presence of Muslims..

Muhammed Mursi who is the first elected President of Egypt who has stepped down by the Army coup in Egypt. The coup government in Egypt continues and its repression and condemns innocent people to death. Members of Muslim Brotherhood who are on trial unjust fully and sentenced to death should have their rights returned, be free of these atrocities and released immediately.

The unjust atrocities and death penalties and execution on Jamaat-e- Islami leaders and members in Bangladesh are unacceptable. It is necessary for the current Bangladesh Government to stop oppression right now on political opponents and to return basic human rights and freedom to those being oppressed.

The conflicts in Libya, Somali, Yemen, Iraq and Syria should be terminated as soon as possible and Muslims should put efforts to sustain unity and integrity of these countries. All the participants reflected their fears on current war and massacre in Syria. It is worth noting that the West itself, USA and Russia is at the center of the war and massacre. Turkey, Iran and other Muslim countries should put efforts for a solution. The people who migrated from their countries should be helped without looking at the reasons for their migration and their problems should be dealt.

Imperialist powers in Syria perform massacres and create opportunities to test their weapons through civilians killing each other. It is USA, EU and Russia that put the Zionist scenario in play.

All the related institutions should move towards ending the massacres on Muslims in Central Africa. These institutions should play a constructive role on dissolving disputes between North and South Sudan in a just way. Western Powers should stop its occupations and colonial policies in Nigeria, Mali and other African countries.

We strongly condemn the genocide on Muslims in Arakan. This problem is common problem for Muslim Ummah. Islamic countries and human rights organizations should move forwards to find a solution. OIC should take step on removing pressures and enforcements against Muslims in Nepal. The peace process conducted by Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Philippines government should be supported. Muslims in East Turkistan, China should have the same rights with other Chinese people. Chinese government should stop its oppression against Muslims in East Turkistan.

The oppressions and human rights violations Kashmir should be stop immediately.

It is highly worrying that the up rise of people that seek justice against the regimes of oppression is being turned to civil conflict.

Cultural and Economic Dimension

The Cultural, Economic and Political Dimensions in the Muslim World should be put into Action

Muslims have cultural values that promote help and solidarity. Muslims should present these values through education and media and empower unity and solidarity. To increase the consciousness of Muslim ummah the humanitarian NGO’s, Educational NGO’s should come under one umbrella. Educational and cultural relationship should be increase among the students and academicians, Teachers, Intellectuals, Religious scholars.

Muslim Civilization sees differences not as reason of conflict but reasons of acquaintance and competition.

Although Islam proposes scientific solutions as a main way of addressing problems, the educational institutions in the Muslim World cannot provide adequate solutions to current problems. We need to abandon western imitating education system that create the problems and it is very much needed to establish scientific institutions based on Islamic values.

The current economic institutions of Muslim countries are obstacles on productive use of rich natural and human resources. These institutions were established by the West and they operate in favor of colonial Powers. Majority of economic resources are being controlled by racist and monopolist imperialism by direct and indirect means. Current economic and social structure based on subversion should be changed.

Social Dimension

Humanity is not without a Solution

Muslim World should renovate its social structure based on its unity and justice. Currently it imitates the institutional structure of the West that prefers power over rightfulness. In order for humanity to live peace and serenity, the current paradigm that was established after the 2nd World War and that prefers power over rightfulness should be changed. We need to reform and establish social institutions that reflect our world view and values which are unity and justice, the fundamental tenets of the peace order.

For peace and justice we desperately need an organization that compass all Muslim nations and other oppressed nations.

Proposals of Solutions

It has to Build a New World Order based on the truth (Haq) and Justice (Adalet)

Those Muslims who accept the leadership of the Prophets of Allah (SWT) and believe in the oneness (Tawhid) and Justice (Adalet), have to play an active role to build a New World Oder based on the truth (Haq) And justice (Adalet) which will ensure the global aid and dialogue.

The Developing Eight (D-8) is an organization which will eradicate exploitation, cultural aggression, injustice, inequality and all kind of oppression from the world to build a peaceful world.

The main objective of (D-8) has to be distributing the resources and blessings of Allah equally among the Human beings.

The main principles of D-8 is the main principles to Build a ‘’New World Based on Justice’’.

     · Peace not war!

     · Dialogue not conflict!

     · Justice, not double standard!

     · Equality not patronizing superiority and arrogance.

     · Cooperation not exploitation!

     · Human rights, freedom, and democracy not pressure and dominancy.

To ensure the world peace, D-8 organization should be activate and make it enable t hug the Muslim Ummah.

Only the Islamic union can bring the prosperity and peace in our country and all over the world. We have to unite under our commonness not to become diverse for the differences among us by using this theory we can build the brotherhood. We cannot accept the Mazhabism and extremism which create atmosphere of chaos and conflict. The only way to build the peace in the Islamic world only by uniting them under the common values of Islam.

We have to solve the problems between Muslims by the way of brotherhood not within war and conflict. We have to create a mechanism which will solve the problems of brother countries and build a strong relationship among them. It is impossible to abandon the western civilizations without solving problems of Muslim Ummah.

To Build a New and Just World:

     · United Nations of Muslim countries,

     · Economic cooperation organization of Muslim countries,

     · Common currency of Muslim countries e.g. Islamic Dinar,

     · Muslim defense pact of Muslim countries,

     · Cultural cooperation organization of Muslim countries has to be established.

24th International congress of the Muslim communities; are inviting to ‘’Build a New World Order based on the truth (Haq) and Justice (Adalet),’’ those who do not accept the pressure, imposition, inequality and exploitation. The new world which will be built on this principle will ensure the prosperity and peace for the humanity.

Strive from us; result is from the Almighty Allah SWT.