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Final Decleration (English)

26-28 May | Istanbul

25th Congress of International Union of Muslim Communities

“Islamic World: Problems and Solutions”

26-28 May 2016 Istanbul


Final Declaration: We Have Solutions

In the name of Allah The Most Merciful and The Most Compassionate,

This is the final proposals and declaration of the 25th Congress of International Muslim Communities Union (CIMCU). The conference was organized by the Economic and Social Researches Centre (ESAM) in Istanbul on 2628 May 2016 the movement was launched by our inspirational figurehead, the late Prof. Dr. Necmettin ERBAKAN.

This years theme was “Islamic World: Problems and Solutions”.

146 representatives of Muslim communities from 59 countries were represented at the conference.

After welcoming speeches, issues related to the suffering and challenges facing Muslim communities worldwide were discussed and analyzed under the following titles: “Psychological Dimensions”, “Existing World Order and Future Perspectives”, “Moral and Social Aspects” and “Degeneration of Belief and Moral Values”.

The Congress also included dedicated sessions on “Economic, Industrial and Advanced Technology”, “Politics and Governance”, “Security, Media and Communication” and “Woman and Family”.

The movement’s founder and leader, the late Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan was commemorated along with other Islamic leaders who were significant presences at former CIMCU conferences.

The declaration below is issued to the international community. These are the determinations of our delegates on the priority issues facing the Islamic world at this time.

Our aim is to negotiate possible solutions.

We invite all attendees and supporters of CIMCU to translate this Declaration into your national and regional languages and to share it with relevant media outlets.

Psychological Dimensions

A psychological crises is experienced by populations in areas exploited by and for foreign, capitalist interests. The people of the regions under exploitation frequently suffer displacement, war, torture and invasion as a result of violent actions waged in the name of “freedom and democracy”.

It must be noted here that the same countries intent on exporting their version of democracy are identical to those making the most profits from arms manufacture and sales. According to the SIPRI Arms Transfers Database, the USA was the largest arms exporter for the period 2010-2014, accounting for 31% of world deliveries. CIMCU find this revealing as to the methods and aims of modern capitalist adventures globally.

Such methods should be met by preventive sanctions.

To counter the psychological effects of combat and cultural imperialism we suggest the following steps.

Educational and cultural sources should emphasize the multitude of ways in which Islam allows peace to flourish. Muslims should regain self-confidence in their own answers and solutions by re-connecting with the historical contributions their knowledge has made to science and society through history

Support work must take place to eliminate the psychological “sense of defeat” and “lack of confidence” felt by mainstream Muslims populations. Governmental bodies, academics, military and civil bureaucracy are essential to this effort

Dependence of our nations on foreign media, education, economy and technology should be reduced with the aim of eliminating this toxic element. Counter-resistance points should be developed.

Social Dimensions

Social institutions should be reformed according to the world view and merits of our faith, Islam. Our structures must be organized around the principles of unity and justice which are bases of the peaceful Islamic way of life and social order.

Education systems need urgent reevaluation to challenge the deliberate propagation of the view that modernism is superior to faith and morality

Islamic cultural values based on solidarity and charity need to be re awakened in the Muslim populations through education and media sources. To this end the cultural, economic and political ability of the Islamic national governments should be called upon

A climate should be created to strengthen our individual and social structures by building a culture of negotiation and understanding in a manner transformative to the fabric of society

Economic, Industrial and Technological Dimension

Essential strands of economic resources are directly or indirectly under the control of subversive foreign powers. These existing structures should be challenged as follows:

Muslims must demonstrate and develop peacebuilding efforts and institutional structures in their countries

Islamic countries should ensure a fair distribution of income for full economic independence. The problem of unemployment should be resolved by unity. An international partnership system should be developed bringing together the human resources of the Islamic World for development and economic integration and growth

The World Food Organization established to prevent international famine has failed to stop hunger for the past 70 years. Due to its confrontational nature, the current global system is not designed to solve humanities problems but to exacerbate them. What is required is unity and justice in government and a fairer and just economic scheme

Working life and wages should be regulated based on justice and equitability merits. Policies should be defined to eliminate the current dependency of Islamic countries on globalized industries whose interests lie in the western political framework. Policies should be defined towards working life and wages in a structure which gives value to those of greatest benefit to and who exert the most effort for, society.

Political and Administrative Dimension

Unity can be possible only if Islamic societies come together at state level. The Islamic world must move together in a united fashion to repel the social and military forces of materialism and neo conservative imperialism. Local, ethnic and sectarian conflicts in the Islamic world can be stopped and avoided in the future by raising awareness of the external interests seeking to block Muslim unity.

Islam’s superior structures and concepts relating to human rights and freedom should replace the flawed and failing industrial military complex of the western world.

The security issues of the Islamic world are too important and complex to be outsourced any longer to the USA and its allies. The Muslim world should reconsider the security issues in our territories after the crises in the light of decades of insecurity brought to the majority of our regions especially but not exclusively those abundant in minerals via external economic power bases.

Woman and Family

Men and women are complementary to each other. Secure, settled families build a strong society.

Women and children are the main victims of war and terrorism. The military industrial complex has defined mass mutilation and murder of our families as “collateral damage”. We absolutely reject this and seek an alternative view of security for our vulnerable citizens based on the Islamic principles of truth and justice

The global capitalist system is in the process of destroying the family structure. A fifty percent and higher divorce rate in the west as well as rising confusion related to gender issues destroys family values by breaking down social understanding and tradition. The primary duty of all institutions and organizations should be to implement social policies aiming to facilitate the formation and maintain the integrity of the family structure

Abuse of women in the workplace through low wages and sexual harassment can be affected by addressing the dilemma of the working mother between her job and her family. Women need the positive option both economically and emotionally of being able to spend the formative years of their children’s lives at home with them. This can be done by producing positive policies which allow financial allowances for families with children and paid leave during the periods of breastfeeding. Working life should not be classified according to the simple principle of equality i.e. being forced to do the same work as men but must be based on the principle of justice

The trafficking of women and children violates the dignity of humanity and is as dangerous as terrorism to the stability of humanity. Every woman has the right to be a mother of children and to reside in a safe environment

Women have a pivotal role to play in the charting of a new social, moral and political age of development. To this end, a recommendation decision was taken at Congress to convene and organize a separate woman’s NGO meeting in 2017 under the umbrella of the International Muslim Communities Unit.

Present World and Islamic World

We deplore all terrorist attacks targeting innocent civilians regardless of any political situations. The Islamic principle is resoundingly clear that, to murder an innocent soul is as serious as the slaughter of the entire mankind. Islam proposes the highest of principles in relation to the sanctity of life and has no mechanism for the acceptance of political or economic terror of the kind we are currently witnessing from major superpowers as a means to achieve their interests and goals.

Terrorism is the product of the neo conservative project whose motto is “might is right”. Major western powers have implemented policies in our regions which create terrorism. Whilst their military industrial companies profit from the supply of weapons both to the terrorists and in the agencies which supposedly fight against them. This traumatic restructuring as part of the Greater Middle East Project was set in motion a century ago by the Sykes-Picot agreement. Leaders of Islamic countries should anticipate this reality. They need to prevent the further propagation of the “internal clash of civilizations” being played out across the Islamic world

Islamophobia spreads enmity and hatred; it is a crime against humanity. Islamophobia is provoked by numerous pro-Israeli groups. Insults made to the sacred nature of religions in general and in particular Islam should be considered a hate crime under international law. Resolutions based on peace and agreement should be promoted instead of conflict and hatred

The Illegal Occupation of Palestinian territories and the attacks on worshippers rights to the sacred site of Masjid-i-Aqsa continue. Al-Aqsa Mosque is assacred to all Muslims as Masjid al-Haramin Meccaand Masjid-i Nabawi in Medina, Saudi Arabia. The Muslim presence and rights can in no way be removed from the holy city of Jerusalem. This Congress condemns in the strongest terms possibles the autocratic, violence and the racist persecution of the Palestinian people in general and specifically against Jerusalem Guardian Raed Salah currency yet again in detention.

The Coup government of Egypt continues its oppression by sentencing innocent people to imprisonment and death. All delegates participating in this 25th Congress of International Muslim Communities Union demand the immediate revocation of death sentences issued against Muslims in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood was the elected government. Yet today elected MP’s and leaders including: President Mohammed Mursi, Mohammed Bedii, President of the Guidance Council, Muhammad Mahdi Akif, Muhammad Tahir Verdan and Mohammed Biltac, Freedom and Justice Party General Secretary and many others have been unfairly convicted unfairly and we demand their immediate release

We unreservedly condemn the executions of: Motiur Rahman Nizami, Ghulam Azzam, Abdul Qadir Mullah, Muhammad Kamaruzzaman, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid. We condemn the oppression and unjust treatment of members of Jamaati Islami in Bangladesh. The government, including Prime Minister Hasina, are urged to abandon the unjust activities against political opponents. We urge the return of fundamental rights and freedoms to the Muslim community in Bangladesh

This Congress calls upon Muslims wherever they are to make every effort to end the conflicts in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. We call upon all to preserve the unity and integrity of the countries: Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and other Islamic nations striving for internal solutions and independence. We call upon Muslim countries to unite and come together to produce solutions to all issues deriving from their own rather than external, unrelated principles

The problems in Kashmir and Nagorno-Karabakh are one of the chronic issues of the Islamic world. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) support for Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan for Kashmir and Azerbaijan in recent crises is an important indicator that the Islamic world will no longer remain indifferent to such issues. This Congress supports and welcomes this process.

Cyprus is not merely a Turkish issue but an issue of concern for the Islamic world. Cyprus is entrusted to us by our Prophet, peace upon him. Cyprus is both a national case and a situation which involves the wider Islamic world

The annexation of the Crimean Autonomous Community to Russia is unacceptable. Muslim Crimean Tatars should be granted free and independent status in their homeland.

Institutions and organizations need to take action immediately in order to end attacks against Muslims across Africa and Central Africa in particular. Positive conflict resolution is urged between the parties in Southern and Northern Sudan. External agencies are called upon to end their colonial interference in Nigeria, Mali and all other African countries

This Union condemns the genocide suffered by Muslims in Arakan. All who speak on the issue of human rights should familiarize themselves with this issue and act for a swift solution. The new government in Myanmar must recognize the identity of the Rohingya Muslims and restore their basic human rights as soon as possible.

Islamic Co-operation is advised to eliminate the pressure and the political impositions on Muslims in Nepal. Peace-making process between Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the government in Philippines should be supported with Islamic countries providing the necessary support. We note and condemn the pressure on the Muslims of East Turkestan in China. Muslims in China must receive the same rights all Chinese citizens enjoy. Failure to do so, can only lead to interference of other countries in this matter.

Muslims living in minority status in different regions of the world must be given the chance to protect and improve their religious, social and cultural assets and way of life.

Solution Proposals

Peace at home and peace in the world relies upon the unity of the Muslim body in one Ummah. We should restore this consciousness of brother and sisterhood by uniting around our faith and values. Emphasizing our differences raises the devastating spectra of sectarianism and conflict. The resulting offshoot of this state of affairs is an unacceptable and extremist interpretation of religion, violence and chaos.

A “New World” orientated upon justice should be established. Muslims who accept and understand the message of the prophets and take their teaching as guidance need to take an active role in the construction of new world based on global solidarity and fairness.

Problems between Muslims cannot be solved through conflict. The solution to war is always truce and peace. These are brought about by establishing trust and the spirit of brotherhood. An arbitration and mediation mechanism should be established between Muslim countries. It is emphasized that that solution to the numerous and growing issues facing the Muslim world must not be left to the U.N or the US and its allies

Developing Eight Countries (D-8) is a global peace and solidarity organization established to remove exploitation, injustice, inequality and oppression from humanity. D-8 Organization aims for all people to benefit from the world’s blessings in an equitable and just way

D-8 Principles for a Fair New World

     •       Peace not war

     •       Dialogue not conflict

     •       Justice not hypocrisy

     •       Equality not superiority

     •       Cooperation not exploitation

     •       Human rights not oppression and domination

Muslim believers should be full of hope and free from despair. The Ummah should start a new campaign to come together. Now is the time to ask forgiveness.

We find hope and guidance through the existence of Islam, the Holy Quran and the daily practices of our Prophet. These elements are our greatest sources of positivity. The time has come to repent for past errors and to return to the unity of One Nation under Islam (Ummah).

This Congress of International Union of Muslim Communities invites you to stand against oppression, injustice and exploitation to contribute building this Right and Just New World.

A world of peace and solidarity for humanity.

It is for us to strive and it for God Almighty to grant success.